All you need to Know about the best Convertible Car Seat

When it comes to the safety of children, parents will do anything to assure their health and well-being. One of the most important safety measures that a parent can provide for their child is to purchase the best convertible car seat. Purchasing a quality seat from among the safest car seats will help to ensure that the child is safe in the instance of an accident. By comparing convertible car seat reviews, a parent can find the best type of seat for their child’s individual needs.

What is a convertible car seat?
Car seats are plastic structures that are produced to contain small children in the case of an automobile accident. These seats are structured with cushioning and straps that hold the child securely in place during the jolting and jarring of an incident. Convertible car seats are safety seats that can be adjusted and changed to adapt to the growing and changing child. This seat is then strapped into the vehicle with the standard seat belts that are provided.

Best convertible car seatAt what age should a child use a convertible car seat?
Children should be placed securely in a car seat from birth and every time that they are traveling in any type of vehicle. Very small infants are required to be in a rear facing seat that is placed in the back seat.

Is there a minimum age for using a convertible car seat?
The best convertible car seats can be used for infants that are days old and weigh as little as five pounds. A convertible seat is able to then grow with the child until they have reached the maximum capacity for that model of seat.

Is a convertible car seat as safe as an infant car seat?
A convertible car seat is absolutely as safe as an infant seat providing that it is used properly. For added security the parents may opt to purchase a separate infant insert with the convertible seat. Infant car seats are popular primarily because of the convenience factor. Infant car seats are normally easily detachable from their base and are part of a complete system which allows the parent to then attach the seat to a stroller.

Can I eliminate the convertible seat and place my child in a booster seat?
Some children will certainly be big enough to sit in a booster seat after outgrowing an infant seat, it is recommended that they stay in a reverse facing seat for as long as possible for maximum safety. Having a child in a convertible seat will allow the rear-facing safety aspect to be in effect for another 10 or 15 pounds above that of other types of seats.

Should I buy a used or new convertible seat?
In order to assure that you are purchasing the safest car seats, it is recommended that a new seat be purchased. When buying a second hand seat, it is impossible to know the exact history of the seat. Previous accidents, user abuse, and other factors may have compromised the safety of the shell or components of the seat. Many of these issues are not noticed until after an incident. It is best to purchase a new unit that comes with full instructions, all new parts, all accessories, and a warranty.

Is a more expensive model of convertible car seat safer than a less expensive one?
Although many seats come with a lot of added bells and whistles, most convertible car seat reviews indicate that the more expensive seat is not a sure path to safety. The key to safety when dealing with convertible car seats is proper usage. Just because a car seat is the most expensive does not make it the safest or assure that there will be no injury in the event of a serious crash.

How do I know which seat is the safest?
All car seats that are sold in the United States are tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The outcome of these tests are not listed as a rated scale. They are graded on a pass or fail criteria. Although the NHTSA does provide a rating system for the instructions, installation features, labels, and ease of use for each model that is allowed in the United States. All of the convertible seats that were available in the previous year have met the requirements for current safety standards regarding convertible car seats currently for sale.

Shopping for the best convertible car seat and the safest car seats can be a confusing and aggravating process for many young parents and other parents shopping for new seats. Finding the perfect seat is made easy by utilizing the available convertible car seat reviews to compare the different types, adaptations, features, and prices of these quality convertible car seats.