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Top 6 Betting Options for Easy-Going Bettors (Infographic)

Though many aim to become professional gamblers, some people have no plan to make a career out of gambling. These people play for entertainment and recreation or simply into predicting outcomes. Bettors living in Singapore can now have access via Online Slots Singapore for the love of casino playing. Though online casino games may be limited to live casino gambling and sportsbook betting, there are still various options.

For fun betting and a chance of making money, here are six betting options to try without stressing too much.

A game that casual players and beginners enjoy playing because of the easy place-your-bet-and-see-who-wins game. Bettors can choose who wins between the banker, the player, or a tie. Some resort to banker bets when they play.

Slot Machines
Not much learning is involved when one plays slots. One only needs to manage a bankroll properly and find loose slots in playing the game. The betting minimum? Just enough if you want to have fun and can still win you some money.

A classic casino game in which easy-going bettors can have fun playing even-money wagers gives them a 50/50 winning chance. However, if beginners are to play, it is advised that they go for single-zero games like European Roulette, betting on the minimum when they play.

Sports Betting and Horse Racing
Sports fans who are bettors at the same time can also have a good time playing online through Horse Racing SG. It’s easy to get started in placing bets on these games because aside from simple strategy, you need the luck to have a chance at winning jackpots and parlays—without stressing too much on game research.

Playing through sports betting is as simple as watching your favorite team and betting on them.

Outright Betting on Entertainment
Get your friends with you and bet on who makes it to the top of the 64th Grammy Awards if you want to be entertained. Predicting who wins the awards and receives the “bests” in prestigious events like this is indeed a fun experience. Check out this infographic by CM2Bet to learn more.

Top 6 Betting Options for Easy-Going Bettors (Infographic)