Basic tips to extend the life of your car’s window tint


Having tinted windows can be a good investment for a car. It protects people from harmful UV, and Infrared rays, keeps their car cool, and helps keep the upholstery inside the car in pristine condition. Nowadays, window tinting In Woodbury, MN, and other places is considered a valuable upgrade and a necessity rather than an unnecessary expense for the protection and other benefits it provides against the extreme change in the climate.

However, car tints are not meant to last forever. But this does not mean that you can’t prolong its life. With proper methods, there are ways to extend the life of your car’s window tint to the fullest. Here are three steps to ensure your window tint lives a long life.

Do not wash yet

After installing, refrain from getting the windows wet or even rolling the windows down, for it may cause ripples and scratches early on. Wait for several days to let the widow tint cure or dry before beginning to wash them thoroughly. When washing, it is better not to wet the inside part of the window where the tint is installed, for it may cause bubbles and damage.

Use appropriate equipment

Make sure only to use the right equipment when cleaning your windows. Using a microfiber cloth is the best option to avoid micro scratches that get larger over time. Be careful when wiping near the edges of the tint, for it is where peeling usually starts. Even if your tint is scratch-proof, microfiber towels will still ensure scratch-free cleaning.

Careful of cleaning products

When cleaning tinted windows, certain chemicals should be avoided. Any abrasive cleaning products should be avoided. These types of cleaning agents will cause fading and discoloration if used. There are particular cleaning agents in the market made for tinted windows; you can also use a mixture of light soap and water.


Window tints are never permanent. No matter what type or quality it is, it will still perish one way or another. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no way to prolong its life for best use. With proper care and maintenance, car window tints can hold off for an extended period of time. That is why car owners must know how to take care of their window tints for best usage.

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